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Medicoanswers is a modern healthcare social application that caters end to end Healthcare Domain requirements. Medicoanswers is one among the most powerful applications in Healthcare Industry.

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For Doctors


Medicoanswers offers many advantages to Doctors in its systems. More features are adding up regularly to keep the system highly reliable.

Online Identity

Doctors get a Public Profile page with customizable URL. This will act as a digital CV for doctors. Every Doctor will get verified status upon verification by our Support Team. Unlike other platforms here at Medico Answers, patients can leave reviews only after a successful consultation hence reviews are fool proof.

Clinical Management System

Improve Patient Handling Capacity, manage both walk-in patients and online appointments efficiently with better crowd handling capacity via our smart clinical management system which includes Token Management, Digital Prescriptions, Digital Lab Test Letters and Patient record management

Doctor Score

A Unique Ranking Method to make doctors famous. Every doctor can get rating which shall be obtained from patients or users of medico answers platform by actively participating in the conversations eg: Answering a questions/like/dislike/reporting spam etc.

Online Appointment Management

Users can book your consultation either for themselves or for their friends and family via our system. Accept or reject patient’s appointment request. Our system Integrate online appointments with clinical management system seamlessly.

Patient Health Records

Store all prescriptions and notes under every patient records. Retrieve it whenever you need. All stored using our robust cloud servers with high availability all time.

Networking with Pharmacies

Establish business referral relationship with pharmacy. Refer e-prescriptions to pharmacy and gain benefits directly from pharmacy


Features for your patients

Book Appointments in Few Clicks

Your patients can book your appointment in a minute time. You can define your schedule and based on your availability your appointments will be booked.

Access their Prescription Online

After every successful consultation, once you upload their prescription your patients can see the prescription copy any time. Also they can approach pharmacy by carrying prescription digitally from their mobile app.

Get Reminders

Patients get remainder emails and app notifications for every scheduled visits and appointment alerts.

More Powerful and Secure Healthcare App built by understanding your needs.

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Strong Network Facility

Not just an application for Doctors and Patients. We are connecting you with Patients, Nurses, Medical Students, Pharmacies, Laboratories, and Drug Store

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