Users policy, terms and conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions thoroughly in order to be aware of our platform's policy.

Welcome to the first online consultation platform for medical consultation and guidance. We are concerned to deliver the most accurate medical guidance and have quality metrics for doctors which is public. However, the consultation delivered by doctors is at their sole discretion and Medico Answers does not take responsibility for the consultation offered by the doctors.

Along with a number of Kurdistan volunteer doctors in different professions, we decided to use technology as tool to re-build trust between the citizens and doctors. Additionally, to correct the common mistakes in the community and answer your questions.

Here, we all have a limited friendly relationship. You also can post and ask questions as per the policies as well as terms and conditions:

1- Only medical related questions are allowed.
2- The volunteer workers are here to help you and deliver the best service. Please do not disturb them; if any volunteer worker sends us users name who disturbed them. The users account will be de-activated and vice versa.
3- Any dis-respectful words against the medical workers is not allowed. If you have any issues with any other doctor or medical worker other than ours; please talk to them directly. We are not here to correct others mistakes.


A- We are not diagnosing or treating; therefore, we are not taking any personal questions. As per the international / world's medical law; patients cannot be diagnosed or treated through telephone, letters or internet. It is better not to ask questions through sending a test or describing symptoms as the answer will not be accurate. General questions can be directly asked the assigned professional. for example (is headache related to blood pressure in young people?) or (In what age children can have honey?). Please wait for the answer to be delivered and answered.

B- If you have a personal and private question, you didn't want to post it publicly. Please type the question and choose private. in this case, only you can see the answer. We cannot accept everything and answer quickly. You just need to be patient and wait for the answer as per the urgency of your post and question.

C- In this platform, along with professional doctors, other medical workers will answer your questions. in this case, you as a reader, is responsible to verify the information source and the scientific level of the person, we are not responsible.

5- Please report any inappropriate, offensive or wrong comment to the admin. Please notify admin of any fearful or dangerous comment that could have bad consequences.

Clearance and user policy:
All posts, comments and guidance, even if written by doctors, are for information. It will not replace visiting clinic/doctor personally. for that reason, the answer will not be used for diagnoses and decisions or anyone's health. No one will take the responsibility of any damage. Following that guidance is user’s responsibility. Please deal with the information carefully, we and the writers are not responsible.

Please be informed that other users other than doctors are answering question. sometimes, it will not be scientific. So, please verify the scientific level of the person, if you were not sure, ask the, or inform us.

Please inform and invite your friends about this platform so that they get benefit of the subjects and be away from wrong information. May be a comment or a post could prevent a mistake or a loss.

All these rules can be changed anytime as per the user’s feedback. For your information please.

your safety and well-being is always our concern.

Best regards.
Please accept the users rule in order to be able to take advantage of our services by being a member in our platform.